November 13th, 2017

first step.

I wanted to start a blog for a long time but was very hesitant to do it. Mostly because I don’t know anything about blogging. But one day, I said: what the hell, I’ll learn as I go.

So here I am.

I will be posting anything here: ideas, thoughts, experiences, and more. Meanwhile, look at this plant:


It has a butt on it. Don’t know if it was unintentional or on purpose. Either way, it exists.

Anyway, this was just a quick post to announce my existence to the internet. If you have any tips or recommendations, I would love to hear them!


5 thoughts on “HELLO WORLD.

  1. hello! I’m new on wordpress too and i’m trying to make this into a full time job. A tip I have if you wanna gain followers is to interact in comments. I joined this “blog party” and people everywhere just comment on someones post saying what their blog is about. I now have 10 followers after posting more frequently as well. hopefully you have fun with your blog! good luck!

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