December 19th, 2017

the first semester of hell.

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Today marks the last day of my first semester of college. I feel so relieved now that is over. It was a very busy, stressful, couple of months and it ended so fast. The thing is, you always wait a certain day (due projects, assignments, presentations, etc.) to come, which makes the weeks unbelievably fly by.

I’m a freshman entering my second semester of college. My major is Video Arts and Technology. And I remember the day before starting, I was so so nervous, mostly because I kept thinking and thinking about future presentations. If there is one thing I hate the most, is speaking in front of people. I was preparing for the worst. I set my mind that what was about to come, was going to be the end of me. And that the professors were going to torture us until our last breath, and everyday was going to be a nightmare.


I also thought that maybe I wasn’t going to be good enough (and wasn’t sure if I’d really like this major), because I didn’t know anything about the tv/film world. And you might think “but isn’t that the point of going to college? To learn?”. And yes, but people at least know the terms (which I had no idea because of the language) and I was kind of upset I wasn’t one of them. Also, that meant more hours of study and I’m pretty lazy for that ha.

In one of my classes, people knew so many classic movies (which was mostly what the class was about) and they would talk with such inspiration about them. I felt so dumb for not knowing things that even people not majoring in film would know.

But now I look back, and IT WASN’T BAD AFTER ALL. Professors were nice. I got them knowledge. And I really enjoyed my classes.

I’m pretty proud of what I’ve learned and accomplished. And -let me show off a little 😂- I got a 3.9 GPA which I’m really really happy about.

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If it’s really what you like, you’ll find your way. If it’s not, you’ll find your way. And if you realized that you didn’t truly like your major, you’ll find your way. Losing hairs for worrying about the future isn’t worth it on the least.

I really enjoyed my classes. I’m lucky I finally found what I enjoy. I just hope the future is on my side.

And one tip I have for future college students is:
If you’re nervous, don’t let it consume you, it really is not a big deal. It’s pretty much like high school but without all the drama, which is great. And don’t worry about what others might think, everyone’s stressed, sleep deprived, trust me, they’re not paying attention to anything else other than regretting procrastinating the final project.

Also, since everyone is minding their own business, joining clubs or the team of the school, would really help making friends easier (networking is also very very important!!! not only with other students but professors as well, you never know who they know), and you would already share something you’re passionate about.

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Good luck!


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