February 2nd, 2018

something new.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to write about is make up. I love make up, I love to learn how to put it on, and I love how it elevates my confidence for a while.

But I’ve never even imagined actually writing reviews for them because I’m such a newbie in everything. Which is why I’ve been procrastinating this topic with the excuse that I have to wait to get more experience.

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So, that’s when it strikes me: I can write about the products I try and my experience with them from the point of view of an amateur. I don’t have to be a pro, I can just tell people my experience! And hopefully, hopefully people can take something good out of them. Like knowing more about the product without having to spend the money in the first place, or anything, really.

Also, we can help each other out! People with more experience can leave their tips, recommendations in the comments section so that, not only me, but everyone interested can learn too. Please let me know if you would be interested hearing from an amateur😄

Also, I’m now thinking that the reviews can be not only for make up… but that’s too far ahead. Let’s just see how this goes.



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and later,




5 thoughts on “INTRO: MAKE UP REVIEWS.

  1. I love it !! There’s a bunch of makeup reviews but I like that I can read from someone who is kind of new with makeup like me, also someone who is a mutual cuz it’s easier to contact right away about questions! Also urban decay and too faced are brands I’ve used before and loved so I’m excited for your next posts!!!! Keep them coming ♡♡♡

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    1. ahww I am soo glad you’re in for the idea!!💕💕 And yeah haha i agree, it’s easier to share opinions😄 I’ve only used their eyeshadows which are really nice. Now let’s give these a try


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