June 24th, 2018


I’ll share with you a habit of mine. Well, I say ‘habit’ because I don’t what else to call it.

Actually, it’s more of how I feel life has a way (of many, of course) of shaping/teach me.

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Have you had moments where you hear/see a word -or anything, really- too often and in different scenarios it almost feels planned? One example is when I was learning English. There was one specific word that for some reason stood out the most and then two days later I would see it again. And then again the next day, but this time I decided to look up the definition. A week later I would find this word again while filling out an important document only this time I was familiar with it and I didn’t have to spend time looking it up so everything went smoothly.

Little things like that. And don’t take it too literal, please. It happens differently. It’s very difficult to explain for me. Either things, a theme, or words etc, that repeat themselves (not deja vu’s) and that stand out in my mind. Like a warning or training.

I feel like it could be a way life has to teach me something that would be essential in the future. I like to think of them as foreshadowings in my life just cause it’s fun😂

Everything happens for a reason? Or could be just coincidences. Nothing less, nothing more. Or maybe it’s just life as it is and I’m just pointing out something that shouldn’t be pointed out because of its obviousness. Yeah, that’s probably it. Sorry.

But anyways, I’ll still share it with you.

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The word that has been around lately in my life: humility.

Three times in a row, three different people, three different ways of portraying it, but one main objective: being humble.

I try my best to be as humble as I can (of course I still have a lot to learn and keep in mind) but now that I sit down and think back, it feels like I’ve been losing the grasp lately. I’ve been filling my life with more hate, anger and selfishness because I have been fooled so many times that I unconsciously have been slowly closing myself up.

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But life made me a reminder. With these three, very little moments that took less than two seconds but still struck my head like a brick.

To not go that far. Stay humble.

To, despite of the shitty world and shitty people, not dehumanize. To continue working on being a better person. As messed up the world is, you should not stop or lose a good part of yourself.

Because the world would be a nightmare if all the good fades away.

And you? What ‘habits’ do you have? Let’s hear them!


3 thoughts on “JUST A CHAPTER IN MY LIFE.

  1. Yes i believe words, a picture and even a certain object like a flower can have lots of meaning in your life especially if you repeatedly see it.
    Stay humble and good is what i like to tell myself too! be good even if i think i have so much reason to be vengeful lol

    My habit currently is getting obsessed over an artist who goes through heartbreaks, right now it’s a kpop group member lol, and im like obsessing over him. Not because he’s attractive but because he’s going through life troubles and I just want to be there to support him somehow. I just hope they’re ok. I tend to take their energy and get myself sad too, which is not smart of me but im trying to work on that lol

    P.s I was like that with you recently but not in a bad way. I was just like “where the heck is she? Oh right, school…” and I keep reminding myself to be patient lol!
    Glad to see an update from you!

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    1. True, and sometimes it can be challenging 😣 Ahww are you a sensitive person? because sensitive people tend to absorb energies and feel a lot for others which yeah, it can be bad for us but it also means you feel deeply so when you’re happy you really FEEL it through all your mind and body. It’s okay to be sensitive, I’m like that too, so let’s work on the negative sides!!

      That really means a lot to mee😭💕 I’m now done with my semester so I’ll work harder on being more active lol. Also, CONGRATS ON YOUR 100!!🎉


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