September 5th, 2018

another semester.

It’s the start of another school year. Well, it’s my second week in college already. My sisters are starting today. Some of you might’ve started school weeks ago. And Some of you graduated and now are starting another phase in life. Exciting? Nervous? Anxious? Still figuring it out?

That’s okay.

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For me, it’s been kind of… I don’t know.

I wasn’t as excited as I expected to start classes again -something I didn’t want to admit- And to the point that I have been questioning if I actually like my career, which is a scary thought…

Being a person who values time a lot, it’s affected me a lot because I don’t want to feel I wasted two years of my life doing something that I don’t truly like or won’t spend my life doing.

Just when I thought I finally knew what I wanted to do. And back to square one.


“I’m not getting younger.”

“I haven’t achieved anything yet.”

“X person has already done xxx at this age.”

“What if I never achieve anything good in life.”

are thoughts that always live in my head and never fail to torment me.

I don’t know… I feel really lost.

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I’m so sorry this post is quite different and somewhat gloomy. I just wanted to write it out.

But please, I know I am not the only one in this hole so, if you want, let me know in the comments if you’ve gone through something similar and how you overcame it. Or if you are going through harsh times now, let us cry together for a quick moment, and then start to work ourselves out.

On another note, don’t be stupid like me and pour a full cup of coffee on a brand new laptop.

Remember this from “The End of a Semester”?

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yeeeah… that precious laptop is no longer. I killed her.

and I wanna punch myself into another dimension.


6 thoughts on “SQUARE ONE.

  1. Life is tough so let’s cry together *sob*

    You just reminded me of my friend who accidentally pours a cup of hot coffee into her MacBook lol. Of course, the mac died and she sent it to repair but damn the cost is so expensive because she didn’t buys the Apple care.

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