June 13th, 2018

I wish…

“I wish I had that house.”

“I wish I were an elite athlete.”

“I wish I had some kind of talent.”

“I wish I could be as naturally funny.”

“I wish I had his/her life.”

People grow depending on what surrounds them and the events that happen throughout their lives. Nobody could possibly have the same life, that is the obvious truth, but there are days where we can’t help but wish we had X person’s life. Because they look so happy and they achieved that dream of yours (of course we wouldn’t know their actual reality but that’s another topic for another time).

Or at least, that’s what I do…


One day, my sister made me realize that I have been spending so much of my time lamenting not having done something, or not being someone I wanted to be. I would compare myself with people that are my age – or even younger – and are already successful. I would bitterly wish I could be them.

I spend so much time doing this, that I ignore what is happening now in my life, she said. A person becomes the person they are because of the events or people they are surrounded by every day. Doesn’t matter how big or small. They live through them, they grow, they are shaped, she added.

But instead of dedicating and working on my life, I am using my time wishing to be that person whose dreams were accomplished at the age of 20, and sitting behind a laptop complaining about how “bad I have it.”

All these amazing things could be happening around me that might help me shape into my own ideal person, but my focus is on the finished product of another. Giving so much attention to a third’s life could have meant I lost an important piece of my life.

2018-06-05 06_29_50.614

We all grow differently, everybody knows that. We might get to a similar goal but how we do it creates the persona we are or will be. And sometimes we have all our attention on someone else’s life that we inevitably forget to look around us and what such an impact it could make in our future as beings. We might get so distracted that we could lose the opportunity of getting closer to becoming or achieving an extraordinary and unique life. We even might be losing a piece of our potential future self. Who knows?

And although we can have that someone to give us the motivation and inspire us, instead of beating ourselves up and lamenting, we work harder in our persona and reaching that goal.

Don’t lose that piece of yourself.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

So, stop for a second, just a second, and take a look at your present, what is happening? What can you learn from it? How can you solve that one issue? How can you break down that goal into small and realistic steps? Don’t stress.

Take this as a reminder of not beating yourself up because someone got to that dream before you, of not negatively compare your life to others rather than doing it as source of strength and inspiration.

Don’t feel bad because you are still a work in progress. Because you might be destined to something greater and more fitting to yourself.

I hope I got my point across, excuse my broken English or vague explanations, but of course, if you want to discuss something further, you are more than welcomed to do so in the comments!

What are your thoughts? Do you do the same? Did this help you in some way? For me certainly did, so I have to thank my sister for this enlightenment😂

Take care!💕



  1. I used to do this all the time! I would look at youtubers or people on IG and compare. Nowadays, I just use them for inspo!
    It’s a long journey, but once you start loving your life, weather you have everything you wanted or nothing, it’s a happier and easy life!!

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    1. totally! and it all falls together once you have that one moment of realization and turn it into something positive just like you did! I still have to remind myself that I have my own path 🤕

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